PM can offer a wide range of hydraulic accessories, which, when applied to cranes, increase their efficiency and fields of use. The key feature of the accessories supplied by PM is their high quality, providing increased power and productivity in daily operation.


PM offers a range of Augers, with heads ranging from 120 to 1000 kgm, complete with supporting framework and double-jointed trestle for application on cranes. A wide range of drills is available with standard or special diameters, the latter suitable for various types of terrains. Easily engageable extensions, complete with propeller, can be applied to these drills.


PM offers a complete range of Supplementary Outriggers, with hydraulic and manual extension, that meet all stabilization needs, in full compliance with current European safety standards. These products are manufactured with special high-strength steels to optimize weight/performance. Models of outriggers are available with manual or hydraulic extension, with various configurations and options. All models of supplementary outriggers are set up for the interlock stability control device, whose installation kit is available on request.


Mechanical and hydraulic rotators with vanes or pistons from 1 to 12 tons. PM rotators, technically advanced and built with particular attention to the materials used, include mechanical or hydraulic rotators, with vanes or pistons, to meet all operational requirements in terms of load and precision of movement. It is also possible to choose the type of connection with the accessories. Hydraulic rotators are available up to a capacity of 12 tons.


PM offers a full range of Hydraulic Pumps for truck installation, with gears or pistons. The range of gear pumps includes versions for medium and high pressures. The range of piston pumps Рstraight-axis, inclined-axis or variable capacity Рincludes versions with pressures up to 400 bar. Extremely compact and highly technological, they guarantee high efficiency and long life. The offer is completed by power take-offs, with mechanical or pneumatic engagement, which transfer the force of the truck’s gearbox to the pump.


Hydraulic Grapples from 90 liters to 455 liters. The range of PM Hydraulic Grapples includes various models and versions for the handling of bulk stacked materials, such as scrap, waste and other materials. From the lightest to the heaviest versions, the various models are characterized by structural robustness, which makes them suitable for intensive use.


PM hydraulic brick grabs, durable and easy to handle, are designed to be used with truck-mounted cranes. They are all height adjustable to facilitate gripping and moving blocks of varying sizes.


PM Hydraulic Log Grabs are an extremely functional and versatile accessory. Whether models with a simple and light structure, mainly suitable for agricultural use, or more robust and complex models suitable for professional use, what distinguishes them on the market is their exceptional performance.


PM swivel hooks are accessories that facilitate the handling and positioning of loads in narrow and awkward spaces. They are particularly suitable when the lifting of loads may require the alternating use of the hook and other equipment, such as buckets, grabs, grapples, etc. In such cases, using the hook facilitates changing between them.


PM Pallet Forks are made of high quality material, height adjustable and with automatic or manual balancing. These accessories are used mainly in the construction industry and generally in any operational situation that requires the lifting of pallets.