State-of-the-art features in the name of efficiency.

The integration of increasingly advanced automatic features in the sector of truck-mounted cranes is becoming the most important challenge for the main market leaders. PM has introduced a series of features which can increase the efficiency and safety of everyday work and represent a significant achievement in this regard.

The pioneer of this breakthrough is, once again, the new 70.5 SP.

One of the most notable features is the “Smart Winch”. This new feature allows automated movement of the winch in synchrony with the telescopic arm of the crane and the antenna.

The benefits are immediately apparent.

Automatic winding and unwinding of the rope of the winch keeps the distance between the load and the block mounted at the tip of the crane constant during extension or retraction of the extendable arms of the crane or those of the jib. In practical terms, this also means that the operator does not have to interact with the winch while the arms are being extended and retracted. There is a function on the remote control for easily turning the Smart Winch feature on and off. When this feature is enabled, the operator can override the automated system and therefore manually correct movement if necessary at any time and maintain greater control during lifting operations.

The introduction of this important innovation also eliminates the need to constantly monitor extension of the arms of the crane during operation of the winch. If the rope shortens during extension of the arm, a sensor detects this and automatically sends a signal to the Power Tronic control unit to wind or unwind the winch in order to keep the distance between the upper pulley and the hook attachment constant. This eliminates the need for regular manual intervention and prevents any unwanted consequences.

One of PM’s prerogatives is to rethink the most ordinary of operations and make them easier to carry out. An important step in this direction is the implementation of Auto-Folding, a feature that allows the crane to fold “automatically”.

A semi-automatic system allows the operator to give the command to close the crane only when the telescopic arms of the crane and jib are fully retracted. The operator can activate this feature by pressing a specific button on the remote control, but must keep a lever pulled to keep it active. Whenever the operator detects an incorrect manoeuvre of the crane or a dangerous situation in the work area, he simply needs to

release the lever to stop automatic operation; this helps to ensure greater safety at all times.

This feature has several key benefits: it reduces the risk of damaging the crane or truck/attachments during folding and unfolding of the crane, especially when it has attachments such as the jib; and it helps to speed up operations.

This technology will be available in the near future on all medium-big cranes equipped with a digital distributor and dedicated sensors, which, given the large size of the machines, may involve more complex opening and closing phases.

The Smart Winch and Auto‐folding features were created with a view to facilitating the use of the crane even by a less experienced operator and, at the same time, to increase the level of safety during use.

PM’s research and development department is also working to improve the precision of the work performed by our machines. Precisely for this purpose, we are developing a device capable of controlling the oscillations of the load which will be officially presented at the next international trade fairs, together with other important innovations that we cannot wait to reveal.

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