Spare parts and accessories

PM Genuine Parts are built to the highest quality standards and are designed to fit your crane’s exact specifications, ensuring safe use and maintaining performance.

Our engineers recommend using only PM Genuine Parts for maintenance and repair of your crane since they are the only ones that guarantee performance equal to the initial parts.
If you are looking for Parts for discontinued PM models, your PM dealer will be able to provide you with the parts you need to keep your vehicle operational for at least 10 years after the model is discontinued.

Our best-selling accessories






The quality of the product is influenced by the level of control over the network of suppliers, the application of total quality management, the availability of an extensive and experienced service network, as well as the efficiency of the logistics network used.


The Accessories, made specifically for a particular model of PM crane, are perfectly tailored and high-performance. 100% tested in the various possible operating conditions, they minimize the time required for service and installation.

Technical Support

The specialized personnel of PM Service are always at your disposal to identify the technical and performance requirements of the Accessories for your crane.

Promotion of the month

Clamshell Buckets from 35 liters to 840 liters. PM offers various types of Hydraulic Clamshell Buckets suitable for different types of use; agricultural work, loading and unloading of sand, rubble, glass, sewage and various materials, waste handling, green maintenance. Their extremely compact shape and structural strength make them particularly suitable for use on trucks.