1959 - Founding

Precisione Meccanica S.r.l. – subsequently Autogrù PM – was founded in Modena in 1959. From the outset, it has operated in the field of truck-mounted hydraulic cranes, dealing with both design and manufacture.


1972 - PM grows and becomes a public limited company

In the late 1960s the company was consolidated on an industrial basis and in 1972 it took its current form as a public limited company.


1980 - More than 1000 cranes per year

The further development of the company, in parallel with the rapidly evolving transport sector, allowed it to reach production of over 1,000 cranes a year by the early 1980s, consolidating an undisputed position of leadership in the international market.


1990 - Expansion and major market presence

PM entered its 30th year of activity with a significant presence in the market and a company profile that can be summarized by the following figures: 140 employees, 42,000 square meters total surface area, including 15,000 square meters of factories and offices, and production capacity of 2,000 cranes a year.


2000 - More than 4,000 cranes a year

Highly qualified human resources, development and technological application are the ingredients that have enabled PM to reach production capacity of more than 4,000 cranes per year.


2003 - Oil&Steel Spa

In 2003, Autogrù PM S.p.A. buys Oil&Steel Spa.


2006 - PM Group Spa

In order to represent all its different Business Units, it becomes PM Group Spa. During these years, in fact, subsidiaries were established in Romania, North America, France, Argentina, Spain, Chile and Mexico.


2015 - Manitex International

Manitex International Inc. acquires PM Group Spa.


2018 - Merger of the two companies

The company decides to merge the two companies PM Group Spa and Oil&Steel Spa to become the current PM Oil&Steel Spa.


2019 - 60 years together

PM turns 60 and celebrates at Bauma 2019. In the same year, Giovanni Tacconi is appointed by the CEO, Steve Filipov, as General Manager of the PM cranes division.