PM 70.5: power, design and innovation in perfect synergy

“It’s been a fantastic event!”


This is the enthusiastic response from those we had the honour and the pleasure of hosting at our “Back on Track” event, which was held last June at our headquarters in San Cesario sul Panaro, near Modena.

For PM “Back on Track” represented a new approach, an engaging experience to find people who work with dedication, those who have been trusting us for years and those who would like to do so in future. As the name of the event suggests, this was also a crucial turning point for the company to identify new horizons.

PM’s prerogative has always been its commitment to providing its customers with top performance and with technological solutions clearly designed for a variety of specific professional needs.

We have really raised the bar this time. “70.5”

This is not just a number. For PM, 70.5 is the new truck crane model leading to renewal and improvement to ensure performance levels previously unthinkable for this category.

PM engineers focus on making the most of every centimetre of outreach already at the design stage in order to reach record angles and heights without forgoing solidity and safety, which remain the cornerstones of our philosophy. With the new 70.5 we are able to guarantee an overall increase in performance of about 20%, thanks to enhanced solutions, advanced optimisation concepts and the materials used, with a very high elastic limit.

We have also achieved another important goal: smaller overall dimensions and weight, which have always been a priority for professionals. We worked very hard on redesigning the boom pack. The layout of the extension cylinders, in particular of the first two, now arranged laterally in relation to the secondary boom, ensures there is no increase in size when passing from the version with 3 extensions to that with 9 extensions. This allowed for a new achievement: even when including the overall dimensions of the tank, the machine does not exceed the maximum size of 1530 mm – a record.

The extreme compactness achieved makes it far easier to assemble the JIB, whose overall dimensions do not go beyond 1695 mm. Precisely with regard to this accessory, we have successfully recorded an increase in performance, up to 40% compared to PM’s main competitors in the same category.

The race for innovation and the overall reinterpretation of the product led us to achieve a key milestone, which goes beyond figures and technology, something that needs be seen to be able to understand it: aesthetics.

The new 70.5 has refined, harmonious features, in which all the space reserved for its beating heart has been optimised to guarantee a truly neat and captivating impact on the eye, while ensuring maximum protection for all the components.

The desire to innovate has led PM to project itself into the future, creating new technological solutions to achieve greater flexibility and precision. For our new flagship model, we have adopted a new digital dispenser suitably customised to ensure extremely accurate handling precision, greater flexibility and ease of use. The switch from an analogue to a digital system also results in greater comfort in terms of control. The opening and closure of the crane are now managed entirely automatically and the same applies the features related to the exclusive PM Smart Winch system.

The dispenser anti-saturation feature allows you to control several manoeuvres at the same time, thereby saving a considerable amount of time during normal operations. The load anti-oscillation feature instead corrects the manoeuvre in order to reduce errors for the safety of those operating on site and on the machine itself, which will undergo less stress as a result.

To further streamline operations, PM has introduced the new CMI Multifunction Display. It is set in a special protective cover to ensure smooth interaction with the machine and constantly displays the stabilisation and manoeuvre features, as well as any errors detected. We have chosen a series of patented valves to control all the machine stabilisation elements. The top benefits of this solution include the removal of the mechanical safety devices for the beams and jacks, thereby optimising time and ensuring the machine is almost immediately ready for use, without forgoing the extremely high safety standards.

The control of these sophisticated valves and devices requires an efficient and uncompromising electrical and hydraulic system. In this regard, our most innovative choice fell on the adoption of the CAN-bus system, which has always been synonymous with extremely high reliability. This allows for a considerable reduction in wiring, highly optimised electrical components and real-time information.

Now, more than ever, PM is pleased to turn daily work into a fulfilling experience with the new 70.5, which has huge potential. This is something the company is truly proud of at this particular time. It is the result of a recipe with basic and yet important ingredients, which allowed us to find the perfect sweet spot in a machine with amazing performance levels and a bold design.

This is the result of the research and enthusiasm that are finally leading us to take centre stage in this new season, with the PM 70.5 being only the first of a series of important new entries.

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